We can Help you Cross the Bridge and
Plan for a more Peaceful Future

   Knowledge about the Divorce Process and Financial Guidance throughout the
     Process can Reduce Overall Costs and Help Ensure an Equitable Settlement

The decisions made during the divorce process will affect you forever.  Most people have no knowledge of the specifics of divorce financial planning.  Many are too emotional and vulnerable to make sound financial decisions.  Once a divorce is final, you don’t get to do it over.  You only have one chance to get it right.  This can be especially challenging for a spouse who was not involved in the family finances during the marriage.  These decisions require the assistance of a divorce financial specialist.
At Financial Resolutions, we work with you individually or as a couple at any stage of the divorce process to help you make informed decisions.  We don’t take the place of an attorney.  Instead, we complement the legal services attorneys are trained to provide by using our expertise and advanced training in divorce financial analysis and income tax planning.  We educate you about the divorce process so you can use attorney time wisely.  We work as your advocate so you won’t be yet another divorced person who says, “If only I had known services like yours were available before I got divorced….”.  We offer customized services tailored to meet your individual needs in a safe, non-threatening environment. 

We Partner with Divorce Attorneys and Mediators as part of your Team

As described in detail in the “Methods” tab, there are several alternatives methods of divorce.   Some people work exclusively through attorneys while others use attorneys, counselors, mediators, and/or financial specialists.  We partner with other divorce professionals and work together to help you come to a resolution on your financial issues.  This can be a cost effective method which allows you to benefit from the expertise of several professionals who each specialize in one area.  We enhance the work of the other professionals by helping you clarify and understand your financial decisions.

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Because we’re passionate about divorce finances and committed to obtaining the specialized knowledge needed to best service you, we limit our services to divorce financial planning and income tax planning and preparation.  We don’t manage investments or sell products, although we gladly refer our clients to specialists who provide these services.

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