About Financial Resolutions

Deb began her career as a CPA specializing in income tax consulting and preparation at a large public accounting firm. However, when  her own marriage ended in divorce in 2008, Deb became aware of how complicated and important the financial decisions made during divorce can be.  From property division and child and spousal support, to college and retirement planning, the number of issues which need to be considered can be overwhelming. 

Deb understands people going through a divorce without a tax or financial background are at a disadvantage.  For this reason, she founded Financial Resolutions.  Deb’s goal is to act as an advocate and provide her clients with clarity on the complex financial issues which arise before, during, and after divorce.  She educates clients on the divorce process and the alternative methods of divorce. While many people start a divorce by hiring an attorney to file a petition, there are alternatives.  Deb encourages clients to explore options such as mediation and collaborative divorce before moving forward.  Deb works with mediators or as a financial neutral on a collaborative team to help couples work towards more peaceful settlements. When clients elect to work directly with attorneys, Deb works with her client’s attorney as an advocate for her client  to help ensure her client receives an equitable settlement.                

Deb has specialized training in income taxes and in all financial aspects of divorce.  She uses sophisticated software designed specifically to analyze divorce finances.  She generates reports which illustrate the short and long term financial impact of various settlement proposals.   This ensures that when the divorce is final, her clients have a clear understanding of what their financial situation is as they start their new life as a single person.   Deb also works with clients post-divorce who need additional support and financial education.                                                    

Because of Deb’s expertise in the field of taxation, Financial Resolutions is especially qualified to offer valuable divorce planning services.  We’re often able to identify tax planning opportunities which would otherwise go unnoticed.  The savings our clients can realize from these recommendations are often enough to cover the cost of not only our services, but the services of the other divorce professionals they retain. Financial Resolutions is committed to providing quality tax and divorce planning services.  We do not sell any product, and therefore our advice is completely objective.

Deb Aurand, CPA, MBA, brings to her professional role as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst over 20 combined years of experience working for multiple Fortune 100 companies as a financial analyst, and a leader in finance, auditing and taxation.

Accreditations and Education

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) University of Illinois

Masters in Business Administration 
(MBA); including Masters Level
Income Tax Courses, Depaul University

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

Advanced Training in Collaborative Divorce

Family Law Mediation Training

Trained Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Divorce

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