With our extensive training in taxes and financial planning, Financial Resolutions supports the services you provide as attorneys, mediators, and counselors, thus allowing you to take on more complex financial cases.  We focus on the financial issues of divorce which allows you to focus on your expertise.  How can we help?

Services for Attorneys

As an attorney, you serve as the quarterback of your client’s divorce team.  You help your client navigate the legal complexities of divorce, and advocate on your client’s behalf to negotiate the best settlement possible. 

A CDFA can be a part of your support infrastructure as you work to get your client the outcome he or she desires.  Using our financial and tax expertise in conjunction with sophisticated software we can:

  • Assist in the preparation of realistic pre- and post-divorce budgets and financial affidavits
  • Assist in depositions, discovery issues, and dissipation of marital assets
  • Assist you with more complicated financial issues including pension valuations, retirement plan withdrawals, accounting issues, cash flow analysis, business valuations, S-corporation income, dividing retirement accounts, determining the impact of income taxes, and calculating child support
  • Analyse tax returns to look for hidden assets
  • Impute income for business-owner spouses who can control the amount of income they report
  • Allow you to leverage your time and use your expertise where it is most needed
  • Increase your negotiating power by quantifying and analyzing settlement proposals
  • Use divorce planning software which includes recent tax regulations to present “what if” scenarios which show the effects of changes in filing status, dependency exemptions, and tax credits on each spouse’s cash flow
  • Develop and analyze multiple settlement options, and present graphs which illustrate how each option affects your client’s short and long term financial situation
  • Help you prepare for a trial.   In addition to having the expertise to prepare clear, concise reports which you can use in a trial, we can help ease the time constraints you face when  preparing for trial while also servicing your other clients. 
  • Testify as an expert witness.  Deb Aurand is a CPA and a CDFA with over 25 years of experience in finance and taxes.  She is available to provide expert witness testimony if a case goes to trial.
  • Serve as a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Divorce
  • Provide post-divorce services for your client.  After a divorce is final, significant assets are often put in the hands of a spouse who is not experienced in dealing with money.  We help your client learn fiscal responsibility so they can have financial stability in the future.   We also help your client  with:
    • Income tax planning and preparation
    • Healthcare Planning - We ensure your client has explored all their coverage options
    • Insurance Planning - We help your client determine coverage needs or alternative solutions
      to protect maintenance, child support, and retirement benefits in case of the death or disability of an ex-spouse
Services for Mediators and Counselors

As a mediator, you handle the overall negotiation of your clients’ divorce, tackle sensitive issues such as child custody and maintenance, and facilitate compromise during an emotional and stressful time.   As a counselor, you often play a similar role, possibly without addressing all the issues a mediator might address in a divorce.    Particularly when your clients have not yet retained an attorney, or intend to divorce with minimal support from an attorney, a financial specialist can play an invaluable role in working with you to help your clients. 

Financial Resolutions can provide clarity for your clients by explaining the financial complexities involved in divorce settlements.  We can assist in the determination of monthly support payments which are sustainable and equitable to both parties.  We can seek out creative solutions to best allow both spouses to achieve their short and long term financial goals.  We can explain the tax implications of various property division scenarios. 
In addition, we can use our divorce financial software to present "what if" scenarios which show the effects of changes in filing status, dependency exemptions, and tax credits on each spouse's cash flow.   We also use our tax expertise to recommend ways to structure settlements to take advantage of tax laws, often resulting in both spouses ending up with a better settlement.  Experience shows that working as a team in this environment can expedite the settlement process and help both spouses receive an equitable settlement which they can understand.  Each spouse can also start their new life as a single person with a realistic budget and a detailed financial plan.

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